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Plastic Coated Flexible Hose25
Product Description£º
Product material: (inner layer) adopting galvanized steel band with special insulation treatment
                              (outer layer) adopting PVC raw material (anti-UV, anti-aging)
Color: Black, gray
Working Temperature: -10 degree~+80 degree, instantaneously can be +100 degree
Product Property: 1. The flexible pipes have extremely good waterproof, insulating and pull resistance.
                               2. The thickened surface is made of PVC. Fire retardant was added to the PVC plastic.
                               3. The structure is buckle structure, which enhances the pull resistance and is not liable to crack or deform.
                               4. Extremely soft with food bending performance. The inner smoothness makes the entry of wires very easy.
Application areas: Used for wire protection at railways, engines, traffic system engineering, air-conditioners various machineries, power plants, chemical industries, power distribution system, vessels, mansions, factory buildings as well as the outdoors¡¯ exposed locations.
Usage: protecting wires/cables and providing insulation, waterproofing as well as beautiful outlook of the wiring.
Method: Put the wires/cables through the pipes before fitting correspondent type of GSB-DPJ joints.

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