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Flexible (metal) electrical conduit17#
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Execution standard: Complies with JG/T3053-1998 " the Flexible Metal Wire Protection Conduit; GB/T20 041.1-2005/IEC61386-1:1996 standard requirements  of ¡°Electrical Installation of the first Part of the Catheter System; General Requirements ".

Technical Specifications: CECS87: 96 "Flexible Metal Wire Protection Tube Wiring Project Technical Specifications".
Design Specifications: JGJ16: -2008 "Civil Electrical Design Specifications".
Product Structure: The outer layer: the hot-dip galvanized steel strip (Fezn);
The inner layer: flame-retardant anti-corrosion insulation layer.
Trial: Trial in dry places and buried in the concrete pipe, such as decoration ceiling, fire, lighting, instrumentation, engineering of electrical equipment installation of low-voltage electrical piping.

Characteristics: flexible, water-resistant, anti-corrosion, fire-retardant, insulation, security.
Advantages: 1. good flexible, easy construction.
2. double corrosion. Long service life.
3. Inner layer of insulation, safe and reliable.
4. Seismic shielding effect.
5. 100% material utilization up
The explanation: 1. Use basic accessory tube.
                            2. Flame retardant anti-corrosion insulation layer non-toxic, harmless, environmental protection and so on.

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